Abstract revolution

We are now rapidly approaching a stage in the development of production at which the existence of these classes not only will have ceased to be a necessity, but will become a positive hindrance to production. They will fall as they arose at an earlier stage. Along with them the state will inevitably fall…put the whole machinery of state where it will then belong: into a museum of antiquities, by the side of the spinning­wheel and the bronze axe.

—Engels as quoted in State and Revolution

integral obscurity…only to make an object of the unknown, as the unknown…Those who dedicate themselves to this dubious cause can be nothing but a surface effect of The Thing.”

—§108, Manifesto for an Abstract Literature

…history will continue to go as wrong as it does now, if not worse.

—Combined and Uneven Apocalypse

“History is the subject of a structure whose site is not homogenous, empty time, but time filled by the presence of the now (now-time). [Jetztzeit].”

—Concept of History XIV

And when nothing more remains to you but to open the last great war dance—that will suit us all right. The war may perhaps push us temporarily into the background, may wrench from us many a position already conquered. But when you have unfettered forces which you will then no longer be able again to control, things may go as they will: at the end of the tragedy you will be ruined and the victory of the proletariat will either be already achieved or at any rate inevitable.

—Engels as quoted in Prophetic Words


The world-without-us invades from the future.





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